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Personalized Web Design

No pre-designed templates! We will work together to create a design that is UNIQUE and reflects your professional and personal aesthetic.

Web Design Packages from $299

All-inclusive packages at several price points that include everything you need to get you and your business online.

Website Maintenance

You can choose to have a fully-self-editable website but if you would prefer not to have to update your website on your own, I can update it for you.

About Me

ReginaZona2-8x10smallMy name is Regina Zona and I have a very diverse background as an opera singer, opera director, and voice teacher. I have also dabbled in office organization, toured the US giving clinics on the subject and have written two books on organizing one’s home office for maximum business effectiveness. So you may be asking, “why on earth would I hire you to create my website?” Well, my life as a performing artist has allowed me to showcase my CREATIVITY, which has given me an eye for beautiful design. My life as a personal organizer has showcased my analytical skills which allows me to create CLEAN and SYSTEMATIC navigation in the websites that I design.

Why Choose Tosca Web Design?

When you hire Tosca Web Design, you hire ME. I will work with you one-on-one throughout every step of the process. I am a small business owner and I understand that when money and time is at a premium, I need to know that the people I hire are truly invested in me and my business. I am invested in your business and will make sure that you get what you want. If you know exactly the design and features that you want to see on your site, I will create that. If you are completely new to this process and have no idea what you want, I will guide you through the design process to stimulate your creative side and create something for you based on what I understand as your aesthetic. And if I come up with a design that you feel you simply can’t work with, I am pleased to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Testimonials from Wonderful Clients!

Regina Zona and Tosca web design is an absolute digital-life saver! She has built two websites for me, and both of them are outstanding. As an artist she understands the needs of performers, when building websites for singers, actors, directors, etc. And, as a very savvy and technologically up-to-date designer, she was able to offer me a really seamless transition from my old website(s) to the new one(s), with added functionality, at a lower price point. She listened to what I needed. She totally got it. And delivered in spades! And, through the process, I acquired not only a web designer, but also a friend.

David Sabella

Editor-in-Chief, Cabaret HotSpot!

I was redesigning a new website and knew I needed a creative mind and a great eye! Regina created the most elegant and user friendly site for me. She even taught me how to update and edit the site, believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it! She knows the mind and soul of an artist as she is the consummate one herself! If you are in need of a stunning new website, I highly recommend Tosca Web Design.

Christina Lamberti

Mezzo-Soprano, ChristinaLambertiMezzo.com

I first saw Regina Zona’s creative work because she had designed my singer friend’s website. My friend’s site was visually beautiful and totally captured my friend’s spirit. It was easy to get around and clearly formatted important information and dates. It was classy. Regina proved herself to be a good listener and intuit. She took my ideas which I could only express in the abstract and designed my website which highlights all the various dimensions of my career and personality. She worked in a timely manner and was happy to help me with any follow up requests and questions I had. I highly recommend Regina Zona to design a website for any artist.
LeAnn Overton

Vocal Coach/Director, LeAnnOverton.com

Regina was a godsend for my website project. From her inspiration to create a site in the first place, to her encouragement of including things I would not have thought of, to the design which reflects my taste, to her skill in executing it, at every juncture she was a positive, gentle nudger – just what I needed! I am very grateful both to and for her.
David Holkeboer

Collaborative Pianist, DavidHolkeboer.com

Regina has an impeccable sense of design, which she has displayed both in her remarkable theatric direction as well as in the presentation of necessary information as required in a promotional website. Her suggestions for layout, language and graphics came from a solid sense of the right “flow” throughout the site. Her creativity, sure eye for balance, color and content gave us complete confidence that the design of our website for our free-lance music business was in the perfect pair of hands!

Martha Mathewson

Pianist/Freelance Musician, DanaMartha Music

I have never had my own business before so the thought of starting one was pretty scary to say the least! Somehow the gods were with me and I had the good fortune to be introduced to Regina Zona…In addition to her creative and professional talents, she has been so kind, caring and patient with me…encouraging me all the way with her positive attitude and wonderful ideas. I am very certain my website would not be up and running today without her.

James Capazola

Owner, 4 Paws Plus

The Process for your Web Design Project

Whether you are familiar with how a website is created and you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea how to get started, there is a step by step process that I will follow in your web design project.

Step One: Project Goals and Research

When you decide to work with me, the first thing we need to do is define the purpose of your website. Who is your target audience and how do you want your site visitors to interact with your website? Once your site definition is clear, then both you and I will research other websites in your same business industry to determine what you like and don’t like about layouts, navigation, customer interaction, etc. which will give me clues as to design elements that you are drawn to that I can use as inspiration.

Step Two: Design and Development

Using your ideas/requests as a guide, I will come up with a design concept for you to look at. You can let me know if we are going in the right direction and once you have given the approval of the design, I will develop the entire site. This is where your hard work begins because you will need to send me all of the copy, photos, media, captions, logos that will be included in the site. I will send you the pages as they are completed and adjustments can be made as needed.

Step Three: Final Tweaks and Testing

We are almost there! I will research keywords for search engine optimization, we will make sure that the site works well in a variety of browsers, and that any applications (forms, calendars, member management, etc.) are functioning properly. At this stage I will also suggest that you send the site links to about five people that you trust to get their opinions. We can then make any final changes to the content.

Step Four: Launch the Site!

With your final approval, your site will go live! I will give you all the information you need to understand how to maintain the site, if you will be doing it yourself and I will train you how to understand your web hosting control panel should you need to add any email addresses, change passwords, etc. The site is then turned over to you!
I am hopeful that I will be able to provide you with the design services that you desire. But sometimes, it may not work out. If that is the case, you can request all or some of your money back according to the following time table:

100% Money Back – After we have had our initial consultation, I will come up with an initial web design concept for you to approve or tweak. I will make any adjustments and you will have 7 days to determine whether or not you feel you can work with them and me. If you decide you cannot, I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

50% Money Back – If after the initial approval period, you decide to go ahead with the process, we will continue with the project, making edits to the initial concepts and adding content. You will have 30 days from the day you have given me the go ahead to continue to determine whether or not you like the direction we are going. If you decide you don’t, I will refund 50% of your money, no questions asked.

Once 40 days have passed after the initial concepts have been presented to you, no refunds will be honored.

Web Design Packages

When you are making the important decision to have a web presence, you need to not only think about what you need now, but also what you may need later. Do you foresee that you will need a site that just needs a few minor edits a month (a static site) or will you need to do major updates on content including adding lots of pictures and media on a regular basis (a content management site)? How many pages do you need now and how many do you think you will need a year from now? Do you already have a logo? There are four packages to choose from but if you don’t see exactly what you want, contact me and we’ll design a package just for you!

Website Maintenance Packages

Once you have the perfect website, you are going to need to keep it up. You want your visitors to keep up with you and when you change the content or features on a regular basis, it encourages your visitors to keep coming back. You may be updating content every day, every week, or every month. You may want to add features, or add pages, or change the templates after a few months. Although I can make your site completely editable, you may not have the time or desire to update it yourself. I can maintain your site for you. You just send me the content or request what changes or additions that you want, and I will take care of it. Just choose the package that is right for your needs.

If you are a new client and would like to purchase a Maintenance Package, please CONTACT ME FIRST to discuss which package would best suit your needs. If you are a returning client, please choose the Package below that you would like to renew.

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Other Services

Website Redesign Fee – 3 hour minimum
$100 per hour
Additional pages based on the site template
$100 per page
Photo upload beyond monthly allowance
$10 per photo
Sound/Video upload beyond monthly allowance
$25 per file
Add a widget or plugin
$150 per widget/plugin
New page template to work with existing site
Troubleshooting any issues with current pages FREE

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