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Introducing WEBSITE IN A DAY

Elevate your online presence overnight with Tosca Web Design’s spectacular WEBSITE IN A DAY service! Dive into the digital world with a unique, tailor-made website crafted to perfection—all in just 24 hours. Achieve the personalized look you desire without stretching your budget.

Launch Your Stunning Website in Just 24 Hours — No Hassles, No Hidden Costs*, Just Results!

*Domain Registration and Hosting charges are not included

Why Struggle? Your Ideal Website Is Just a Day Away!

Free Up Your Time for Creativity

As a performing artist or small business owner, your passion lies in creating and performing, not getting tangled up in technical details. Building and updating a website can be time-consuming, often requiring days or even weeks to perfect.

Our WEBSITE IN A DAY service transforms this process, delivering a fully functional, appealing website in just one day. This means you can focus more on your art, your business, and your clients, without the distraction of website management.

Affordable Professional Web Design

Many performing artists, organizations, and small businesses operate within tight budget constraints, making the cost of digital services a significant hurdle. Traditional web design can be expensive, often with ongoing costs that escalate. Our service addresses this head-on by offering a cost-effective, one-time fee solution.

WEBSITE IN A DAY ensures you receive a professional-quality website without the hefty price tag, allowing you to invest more resources into what truly matters—your craft and your business growth.

Instant Web Presence When It Matters

In the fast-paced worlds of performance and small business, opportunities can arise suddenly and demand quick action. Whether it’s promoting a new show, launching a product, or capitalizing on a surge in interest, having your website updated or newly created quickly is crucial.

WEBSITE IN A DAY guarantees that you’re ready to seize any opportunity. No more waiting weeks for web developers to schedule and complete your updates; we ensure you are set to go when your audience is most attentive.

Why choose Tosca Web Design?

My name is Regina Zona and I have a very diverse background as an opera and cabaret singer, opera director, and voice teacher. I have also dabbled in office organization, toured the US giving clinics on the subject and have written two books on organizing one’s home office for maximum business effectiveness. So you may be asking, “why on earth would I hire you to create my website?” Well, my life as a performing artist has allowed me to showcase my CREATIVITY, which has given me an eye for beautiful design. My life as a personal organizer has showcased my analytical skills which allows me to create CLEAN and SYSTEMATIC navigation in the websites that I design.

When you hire Tosca Web Design, you hire ME. I will work with you one-on-one throughout every step of the process. I am a small business owner and I understand that when money and time is at a premium, I need to know that the people I hire are truly invested in me and my business. I am invested in your business and will make sure that you get what you want. If you know exactly the design and features that you want to see on your site, I will create that. If you are completely new to this process and have no idea what you want, I will guide you through the design process to stimulate your creative side and create something for you based on what I understand as your aesthetic. And if I come up with a design that you feel you simply can’t work with, I am pleased to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Regina Zona, Web Designer

Choose Your Path to Online Success: Tailored Website Solutions Just for You

Single-Page Scrolling Website ($999)

Introducing the sleek simplicity of our One-Page Scrolling Website. Designed for ease and elegance, this $999 package delivers a compelling, fully responsive website that consolidates all essential information on a single, smooth-scrolling page.

Ideal for artists, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses, this format provides visitors with a seamless user experience, guiding them through your content without the need for navigation through multiple pages.

It’s perfect for those who wish to establish a professional online presence quickly and effectively. The one-page website not only ensures faster loading times and lower maintenance but also enhances user engagement by presenting a straightforward narrative about your brand and offerings.

Play the video to see a single-page scrolling website.

Play the video to see a multi-page website.

Multi-Page Comprehensive Website ($1499)

Expand your digital footprint with our Multi-Page Comprehensive Website. Priced at $1499, this package is tailored for performing organizations, larger entities, or businesses that require more detailed information across various subjects.

Including up to 6 pages, this option allows you to dedicate space to diverse content such as detailed service descriptions, about sections, portfolios, contact information, and more. This multi-page setup is particularly advantageous for improving SEO and catering to different user intents by providing specific pages for specific queries.

It’s an excellent choice for those needing to convey a broader array of information, facilitate easier navigation for complex services, or support a larger volume of content without compromising on aesthetics and functionality.

How the WEBSITE IN A DAY Process Works

Discover the streamlined steps to go from concept to a fully functional website in just one day with Tosca Web Design.


Select Your Website Package

Start by choosing either a single-page website for quick, impactful online presence or a multi-page site for more comprehensive content. Each option is designed to meet your specific needs.


Submit Your Deposit & Details

Secure your slot with a deposit and fill out a detailed questionnaire. Share your vision, inspirations, and essential website content like text and images.


Design Consultation via Zoom

On your scheduled day, we’ll have a Zoom meeting to discuss your site’s layout and design preferences before I begin the drafting process.


Review, Revise, and Launch

After presenting the initial draft, we’ll refine it together. Once you’re satisfied, your site goes live by the day’s end. Plus, you have seven days to request any additional tweaks.

What Some of My Clients Say

Joanne Polk, Concert Pianist

Regina Zona created an eye-popping, engaging and magnificent website for me.  The process of gathering information for a website and arranging it in an enticing way is a long and sometimes arduous process, but Regina is a dream of a partner.

– Joanne Polk, Concert Pianist

David Sabella, Broadway/Cabaret Star

As an artist she understands the needs of performers, when building websites for singers, actors, directors, etc. And, as a very savvy and technologically up-to-date designer, she was able to offer me a really seamless transition from my old website(s) to the new one(s), with added functionality, at a lower price point.

– David Sabella, Broadway/Cabaret Star

Jeff Harnar, Cabaret Star

Regina possesses a rare combination of creativity and technical acumen wrapped in warm patience and exceptional professionalism.  Her pricing is an extraordinary value for the product she delivers.  Her personal commitment and engagement throughout our collaboration elevated the entire experience beyond my expectations.

– Jeff Harnar, Cabaret Star

Questions? See if your answer is here

Will I really have a fully functioning website in 24 hours?

Yes! You submit your questionnaire and all of your copy, images, and media in advance of your appointment and before the end of the day of that appointment, your site will be complete and transferred to your domain.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Once you have placed your order for your desired website package, you will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire. Once you have filled out that questionnaire and uploaded your copy and media, you will be able to pick a date for your appointment. 

How does payment work?

When you place your order, you will pay a 50% deposit on the website package you want. The remaining 50% will be due the day of your appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. You have 24 hours after you place your order to cancel and receive a full refund. After those 24 hours, I will assume you are moving forward. If you decide you do not want to continue your project before your appointment day, you can request to cancel and I will refund your deposit, minus a $100 convenience fee. Once we start the process on your appointment day, there will be no cancellations/refunds granted.

How many revisions do I get?

On the day of your appointment, I will show you a mockup of the site according to your specifications in the questionnaire. If you don’t like the direction of the design, I will provide you with a second design. At that point, you can request any changes to either design and your site will be built with those specifications.

I already have a website and domain name. How will you build the site?

I will build your site on my business domain. Once the site is built and approved, I will migrate your new site onto your domain.

I don't have a domain or web hosting yet. What do I do?

You can either set those up in advance of your appointment or I can purchase them for you with my preferred hosting service, ICDSoft. That would be an extra charge of $100 which you would pay separately and would be automatically renewed every year.

Do I have to be available all day on the day of my appointment?

Yes and no. You don’t need to be on your computer all day, but you do need to be available to check in with me if I have questions or when I have proofs to show you.

We will meet on Zoom in the morning of your appointment to discuss your project and then I will get working. Once I have something to show you, I will text you to let you know and we will meet on Zoom again.

Throughout the day, we may need to meet on Zoom 2 or 3 times to ensure that your project is done on time.

How do I edit my site once it is finished?

WordPress and the theme that I use, Divi, are very powerful but also extremely user-friendly. If you are familiar with WordPress, you will be able to figure it out easily.

However, if you have no experience with WordPress, for an extra charge of $250, I will make a set of tutorial videos for you to guide you through the process of how to edit your site yourself.

I don't want to edit my site myself. Can you do that for me?

Yes! If you would like me to maintain your site after it is finished, I offer several maintenance packages to fit your needs for an additional charge.

Can I add any text, images, or media after I have submitted them to you?

On the day of your appointment, you can add additional copy, images, or other media. But the bulk of your content must be submitted before your appointment as part of your questionnaire.

What if I want to make changes after the site is built and transferred?

If you want to make any changes to text, images or media after the site has been transferred to your domain, you have 7 days to send me the changes. After the 7 day window, any changes will need to be made by you or I can do them for an additional charge.

What if I have products to sell? Can you create my store?

Settings up a store is rather labor-intensive and requires additional plugin integration. Because of that, this offer is not applicable to a store website. 

That being said, if you are selling one product or service, I may be able to help you out and include that in this offer.

If you have multiple products and need an online store created, I can do that for you but not as part of this promotion. If that is what you need, send me an email and let me know what you need – designer (@) toscawebdesgin (dot) com

Ready to Launch Your Website in Just One Day?

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Select the Website Package You Want

Single-Page Site


A one-page, fully responsive site

Up to 8 customized sections that can include a gallery, contact form, and video/audio media

Optimized images

Powered by WordPress and editable by the owner

Lifetime plugin updates


Multi-Page Site


A multi-page, fully responsive site

Up to 6 individual pages that can include a gallery, contact form, and video/audio media

Optimized images

Powered by WordPress and editable by the owner

Lifetime plugin updates


If you need to purchase a domain and/or hosting, an extra charge of $100 will apply (in an extra transaction) which will be renewable each year